How to Update Booking Prices on TripAdvisor 2021

For sure you here because you forgot the process on how to update your product listings on TripAdvisor. First thing, all of your products are located at Viator: https://supplier.viator.com/, and once you've login you can manage your listing information.

Alright, enough intro let's dig in!


1. Open this URL: https://supplier.viator.com/products/ and login with your account.

2. Once you've login, click Products and then select what you want to edit by clicking Manage

3. Go to the Schedule and prices tab

4. Choose the schedule you want to update and then click the Edit icon () and select Edit Prices

5. Edit your SRP. Eyes on the "Amount you will get paid") - that's the amount you will receive when someone books your products/services.

6. After updating the price, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Plus Tips:

If you want to preview all your products on TripAdvisor, go to your dashboard: https://supplier.viator.com/account-welcome and then, in the right section, click the "See your listing on Trip Advisor".