How Can I Change My Signature for all my IDs / Docs?

How can I change my signature? Is it possible to change my signature? I've seen these questions numerous times online and now, I will share with you how you could change your signature in this post.

There's no law in the Philippine that prohibits you from changing your signature and there's no such thing as an official signature. Your signature is personal and you can change it any time you want but you must follow a certain procedure like for bank records for example.

Practical Reasons Why you Need to Change Signature

1. You can no longer follow your old signature.
2. Your signature is easy to forge by another person.
3. Your signature is totally unprofessional.

Ways to Change Your Signature Legally

IDs and documents that expire: just sign the new one with your new signature.

IDs and documents that you can't wait to expire: declare them lost, get (pay for) a replacement, sign in with your new signature.

IDs and documents that never expire, e.g., bank signature cards, or legal contracts: Ask the bank or the other party for instructions.

Make sure to have copies for old signature IDs and new signature IDs and affidavit of lost.

Extra Tips

Get a new ID first from Philhealth. Isa to sa pinakamadaling kunin na ID  na wala masyadong requirements and libre basta member ka ng Philhealth. Kung senior na get Senior Citizen ID first.

And then, get new IDs from SSS & Pag-Ibig. Sign them with your new signature. If necessary go for other IDs like TIN, and Driver's License as well. 

Para makatipid sa expenses affidavit of lost doon ka kumuha sa law office ng munisipyo nyo or sa hall of justice. Libre po yan at wag magpauto sa mga fixers!

Special Credit: ProBautista / Reddit
Image Source: Freepik