About Us

NEBGEK.com (formerly Bennixville.net) is a long-time running personal blog dedicated to technology news, reviews, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce guie, and IT-related articles including computer tutorials, repair guides, web development, and more.

The blog started in 2009, when its founder, Ben Baygas (aka Bennix), an IT graduate, started writing about his daily learnings and published them online. Then began to attract following from fellow bloggers and netizens.

While working as IT Head in a leasing company in Davao City in 2010, Bennix kept posting articles about his daily experience in the IT and online world. For him, the blog saved as a "reminder" where he'd always come back to read and get a refresh of his learnings.

Currently, Bennix operates as a remote Virtual Assistant specializing in Web Development, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. In addition to his role in blogging, Bennix also oversees the management of his computer shop in Sultan Kudarat since 2018.