A User Already Exists With This Facebook Account - Pi Network FB Verification Error

This is a very common issue with Pi Network miners and the said error "A user already exists with Facebook account" appears when trying to verify the account with FB.

Based on my own experience, this error happened because at first, I used Facebook to sign up on Pi but it didn't go through so I tried my mobile number. By the time, I tried FB verification the said error keeps showing up. 

I thought there was something wrong with my FB account so I check my app settings and remove Pi then, I verify again but the error still the same. I've tried using different FB account, get a better internet connection, then update or reinstall the Pi Network app but still no luck.

How I've Solved The Error

 So, here's what I did which I believed had solved the issue after 3 weeks.

When the mining session is over, I logged out of the App but I made sure I noted the logins. 

Next, what I did was I log in to Pi using my Facebook account and I used my invitation code (you will appreciate the purpose of it later).

Then, I deleted the account by going to Profile > Account deletion > clicked See How

On the next window, I entered my username to confirm the account deletion and click the Delete button. 

I login back to my main account and tried FB verification again but it didn't work that time. So, I keep trying week after week, and fortunately, after weeks of trying, I was able to complete FB verification successfully.

Please Note:
I did not delete my main account but the other account I accidentally created with Facebook. During the process, I didn't lose my mine pi coins.

So when was the time you'll know you can FB verify?

Here's the catch. The concerned account is in your Earning Team. Check it. When the account says Deleted account that's the time you can verify successfully.

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Image Credit: Pi Network Philippines