Removing Product ID in the URL — Thirtybees

Changing your product URL requires extra work and will cause you to lose hard-earned search engine rankings and indexing errors. Also, you need to update each product URL manually. Another thing is if you've promoted your site to social media, you need to go back and update those product links you've shared on all your accounts. The best practice is to set up your URL structure perfectly before launching the site as possible. 

However, if you need to change your URL instruction with Thirtybees for a very important reason like making it more clean and professional this will post will guide your straight.

How to Change URL Struction In Thirtybees

1.) Log in to your Thirtybees site using an Admin account.

2.) Go to Preferences > SEO & URLs > Scroll down and find Schema of URLs

3.) In the Route to products, remove "{id}-" and "{-:ean13}". So your final route will be {category:/}{rewrite}.html.

4.) Click the Save button.

5.) Go to the Catalog and update each product URLs by going to the SEO tab. 

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