5 Steps on How to Request Feedback Revision on eBay UK

Things to Remember Before requesting Feedback revision as per eBay guidelines.

  • Communicate with your buyers and clearly explain the reasons for the request.
  • Be aware that a Feedback revision request can be sent only once per transaction.
  • You can only send five feedback revision requests for every 1,000 reviews you receive over 12 straight months. As you can imagine, this means the higher volume seller you are, the more requests you will be eligible to send.

How to Request Feedback Revision on eBay UK

You can do it fast in 5 steps:

1. Log in to your eBay seller account.

2. Open this URL: https://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ReviseFeedbackInitiate

3. Find the feedback you want to request for revision and select it.

4. Select the option in the Give the buyer a reason.

5. Click Send button.

After sending, the buyer should receive your Feedback Revision Request shortly and accept it in order to change the feedback.

Extra Tips:

If you want to view all the feedbacks in your store so you leave buyer feedback as well or report someone to the eBay review team, you can see everything through this URL:


I hope this post is helpful to you. Happy Selling!