How to Update Company Profile on Google my Business

Based on my own experience, it's easier to make an update or changes with your business information listed on Google My Business by using your laptop instead of on mobile. You'll need an internet connection, browser, and account logins to start with.

Here are the steps on how you can access your profile on Google My Business

1.Login to your Google My Business account: https://accounts.google.com/servicelogin?service=lbc

2.To go straight with the dashboard, click this link: https://business.google.com/u/7/locations

3.You should be able now to see all the businesses in the account. Find the specific profile you want to update and click the Edit icon.

4. Click the Info if you want to update company detail such as business name, category, service area, hours, website link, amenities, photos, etc

Plus tips:

To view your company profile click "See your profile" as shown in the screenshot.

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