Davao Bloggers Social Media Day Meet Up 2012 - Recap

I came in the middle of 4:00PM at MyFlexOffice where all the Davao Bloggers expected to meet up for the first in the commemoration of World Social Media day.It seems that felt timid when I am about to enter the door but I continue because that was really my first time to attend such event.I go in the registration table and approach the one of organizers so, I made filled up the form make then, handed the fee.
Taken from my phone, the four guys in the front are Jess, Martin, Justin & Pauley
After I got registered, I am standing at the corner don't know whom I should  talk with because I didn't know anyone out there.Too bad my blogger friends they didn't texted me ahead if they would really come to the event as what we have agreed the day before.I expect 4 of  them,  bad cheetah!!!

So while waiting, my shy runs out when the two foreigners from MyFlex Office say" hi" and we talk a bit then, I begin to greet others by saying "hello" hoping they will know me.lol

The Cool Guys in the Table
In the organizers table, I saw the guy from AdsenseFlippers.com his name is Justin Cooke , I knew him because his an online entrepreneur  and a podcaster.Next, I meet Bob Marchan a very  friendly  big guy, his the administrator of Mindanao.com, I didn't knew that the  foreigner own that site not until when was interviewed.The other one is c a  religious writer /blogger who uses social media for interact to his audience. The last but not the least and the only Pinoy speaker on that event is Jesse Bolga, a professional writer from Mindanao Times newspaper and a blogger.

I also spotted Kaiser of IamKaiser.com, a web entrepreneur and the owner of Kaiser Web Solutions who happens to be one of the sponsor on the said event.

At the back I meet Jozet, Piyer, Princess, Ice9web, and several others.

The Panel List Interview
The event finally started after we attack the pizza in the table with drinks.lol.Now, in the interview of our four speakers I learned something good mostly from Justin Cooke because his one the most vocal speaker( I am at the back and there's no mic man!). Justin pointed out how to build a unique web authority by just being yourself and share what is helpful content in the internet without using others identity.Another one he insisted that bloggers should be in the right specific niche so, from personal generic blog put down to a niche and there build readership and authority.He also emphasize that one should limit marketing things on twitter or facebook in a spammy way like posting your products to other popular profiles to gain attentions because that surely irritates the readers and even him(Justin) that you wouldn't expect it will be there for long because
he will delete it.

Jess Bolga empahsize how social media change the journalism fields like the story gathering or how social media helps a news company to get story from ordinary people where they like it to read and share something like a way of "Humanizing the Web" as the host said.

Bob Marchan and Pauley supported Justin on how important to build connections to your readers using the advancement of the  social media.

For more info you can watch here : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/social-media-day-davao-2012

The Games and Prizes
As expected, there was a  cool instant and raffle prizes given away.We did a group social media quiz while others eating yummy thick burgers.I really appreciate the SM quiz a bit challenging.For example, what search engine is second to Google in terms of traffic?many answered Bing, Yahoo, etc but it was YOUTUBE.hahah.We got second and the group 1 got won  the bags and shirts.We're jealous.better win next time.
In the raffle, the winners bring home free Tatto broadband kits, Sun Sims, and other cool stuffs.Me? I only bring home the learning and fun, no luck on prizes.hahah

BTW, Pauley is funny he even joined with our  team during the social media quiz.
Final Words
In this post,I thank all the organizers for inviting us, the speakers and hoping more Blogger Meet Ups to happen next year!