BlogStar of the Month (July 2012) – Coolbuster.net

Hello guys, I am honored to feature this guy here. His one of the best in terms of traffic and quality content. Based on TopBlogs.com account his only making around 30 thousands unique visitors per day on a single site. His coolbuster.net blog has been a reliable source of Philippine entertainment news that appeared and mentioned on TVs so many times.

More than that he will gonna share today his online experiences and brilliant insights here today!

Online Interview : July 4, 2012

1. What are the names of your blogs? (How did you come up with the names)

"I have four blogs:
- Coolbuster.net (www.coolbuster.net)
-PCSO Lotto Results (www.pcso-lottoresults.com)
-LET Results (www.letresults.com)
-and NLE Results (www.nleresults.com)

 The names of which were basically derived from keywords that are essential in search engine optimization (SEO)."

2. How and when did you start blogging? Who inspires you to blog? 

"I started blogging in August 2007, but went full time only in the Summer of 2011.

I have decided to quit my job in a local government unit because I saw the potential of earning more through blogging.

I got inspiration from two blogging icons: Millionaire blogger John Chow and Filipino tech blogger Abe Olandres (Yugatech)."

3. How do you monetize your blog?

"I monetize my blog through advertising. I am a member of 8 ad networks based in Southeast Asia and the United States. They look for advertisers on my behalf."

4. How much time do you spend on work related to your blog?

"Most of the time, I work four to six hours a day, but there are instances when I needed to spend more time blogging depending on the news and topics that trend."
5. Special Question: Whose blog are you envy with and why?
"I am not envious with anyone. I get inspired by JC and Yuga for their popularity and income."
6. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting traffic. What tips can you give bloggers to drive traffic to a new blog?
"Do some research; learn more blogging techniques and some basic coding. There’s a wide range of information available online. All you have to do is read.
Beginners should not think about earning right away. Focus on your blog’s content first and revenues will follow.
Work on your grammar and post or share stories that are not just interesting, but are useful as well.
Establish readership. Interact with your readers. Do your best to answer inquiries and address requests.
Social networking is vital as it generates visitors and drives traffic to your blog. Create a Facebook fan page, and Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
While it is important to update your blog as often as you can, make sure that you do not sacrifice quality over quantity. "
7. What are your three favorite blogs to read? What makes those blogs special?
"JohnChow.com, Yugatech and Starmometer. These blogs are great sources of interesting, unique and credible information."
8. What is your favorite blogging tool or the tool you couldn't live without?
"I think the blogging productivity tool I use the most when it comes to software is Photoshop for image editing. Pictures can enhance presentations."
9. Special Question: How do you act when someone copied your content?
"I encourage them to just make a summary and put an attribution link to the original source to give credit where credit is due.
If the copycat doesn’t comply, I use Google Webspam Report to report copied blog posts that appear in search results, and other effective methods to minimize if not eliminate replications."
10. Aside from blogging what are other things you love to do?
"I watch news on cable TV a lot. I go to the restaurant or beach with family and friends during weekends. I also love to travel and go shopping.
My favorite hobbies include singing, music mixing and playing badminton."
A short message to Bennixville readers:
            "To your readers, thank you for patronizing this blog.
I feel honored to be featured this month. It is a privilege to have shared to you my blogging experience and insights.
Please continue to support Filipino bloggers who made great impact and contribution for the country in their own ways."