Change Blogger or Blogspot Language Setup

One of the annoying part when you are new to Blogger / Blogspot  is the language setup inside the platform. When you first created your Blogger account it eventually set your language based on your computer’s Regional and Language preference however, the only way to change it is directly into the Blogger settings. I recommend use English as the standard language to make you not confused. 

There are two language settings inside the Blogger. First, is the language setting in your layout area that includes the login and your dashboard menus. To change it to another language do these:

1. Login in your Blogger account
2. In your dashboard, scroll down in your footer and Click the Language menu then, change it whatever you want.
3. Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done.

Another part that you should configure is the language inside you Blogger template, you might noticed that you have a Chinese or Filipino language inside your Blogger author section, in the comment box or in the sidebar which is also annoying. The solution is easy and can be done in just few clicks away:

1. Login in your Blogger account
2. Go to Dashboard, choose any if your blog you want to change the language
3. Now, go to Settings menu and click the Formatting tab
4. Scroll, between the Time Zone and Convert Line Breaks you will find the Language menu. Change it to your desired language.
5. Don’t forget to hit Save button when your done.

That’s all, hope it saves your day!
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