My Adsense Ads are all gone? can't place 3 ads-solved

I was a little bit shocked this morning when I open my blog that there were no even single Adsense ads appear though it works properly last night.Adsense is acting weird. My thought came up directly if Google had banned me? Awes! That's a tragic Christmas will be but I certainly don't fret 'coz I am not guilty of anything related to big G policy.lol...

While checking my other site it has the same problem but the ads below the post show up(it was implemented by code not widget) so, I concluded that I have no issue with my account. I just don't know what is really going on. The Adsense widget are intact but it doesn't show up.
my gf don't freak like these.lol..
I check the ads in the upper part of my template and I found out that it was changed to Large Rectangle while in the sidebar was replaced by another ads size.It's really weird becuase the ads sizes got interchanged in different ads location in my two blogs.After I have re-arranged it , all ads show up well.

Do you experience like this? Is it a bug or has to do with my template?

3 Adsense ads Problem

I have another problem with Adsense during last two months after I have implemented an adsense code inside my post area wherein I couldn’t add up 3 ads running ads in whatever types. In short talk, I could only make 2 Adsense ads running and the 3rd won't show up in any location or types. 

I haven't contacted the Adsense team yet about these problem but I am glad that after the incident this morning, my blog can run 3 ads perfectly now.

Hope all you well. ty for reading.