Analyze Your Site As A Search Engine Spider

Top companies are paying a huge sum of money to SEO firms to get their website on top of Google search results. Making your website search engine spider friendly is an important SEO technique to fine-tune your website for the search engine robots and to see for yourself how they in-turn see your site. In case you’re wondering what search engine spiders are, they are computing-based robots, which index pages after pages over the web. Spiders use the search engine algorithms to evaluate the quality of your web page and gives ranking to the page based on the algorithm. The key to get new web pages quickly indexed with Google is to add a reference to them in the page that is more frequently visited by the spiders.
Image by SEO-Hacker.com
Your web pages may have many flaws that might not be visible to you, but with the use of tools such as Search Engine Simulator you can see how Google and other search engines view your web pages. While spiders love text, just creating text-based web pages might not result in an interesting content for your readers. Search engines particularly don’t love flash, JavaScript and text-embedded images in your web pages. Using them on your pages may alter the way spiders comprehend your website and can affect the page rank. One must try to minimize the use of Flash in web pages, and even if one uses them, the key text shouldn’t be embedded in it as search engines wouldn’t index it, making your website an island on the web. In case of images text should be specified in the alt tag or description of the image instead of being embedded in the image itself.
The other major components that determine quality of your web pages are inbound and outbound hyperlinks on your page. It is even more important to have relevant keywords in your hyperlinks from search engine point of view. This will help you know how spiders index your menus and categories. You should avoid using no follow or javascript based menus and hyperlinks as search engines do not index such links. You will know which of your web pages have expired and should add no follow tag to them so that spiders are not directed to a non-existent page. This might affect the reliability and therefore the ranking of your website. You must try to link all your pages to each other as this represents better integration of information and easy to browse website.
Search engine simulators not only tell you how search engines view your website but also help you with the important keywords and the keyword density on your web pages. With the introduction of new algorithms stuffing your web pages with keyword might overkill the readability of your website and the search engines might get suspicious whether you’re proving quality content to your readers or are just creating search engine friendly pages. It is important to use different keyword in an optimum number that gives the spiders of the context of your web page as well as keeps your page interesting for the reader.
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