Poll: Your top 3 reasons why Leaving Blogger/Blosgpot in the future?

For nearly a decade Blogger /Blogspot which was acquired by Google in 2003 has been the #1 choice of bloggers worldwide  nowadays but it’s rival” Wordpress.org” is also dominating the web by powering over 50 millions blogs as of this year.The fact shows that those well-known and successful blogger nowadays are once a Blogspot user but opt wordpress.org in the long run .How come Blogger is only a training ground?  Why those bloggers left blogspot and never come back?
I know this issue has been brought countless times in the Internet but this moment, Bennixville want to gather some concrete data about why people leave Blogger / Blogspot when the time they've gained progress.By joining the poll below will helps a lot to tell.Who knows it might change or improve Blogger in the future by letting them know.

Top Reasons of why Leaving Blogger / Blogspot

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Content Optimization Problem0%
Lack of Customer Support0%
SEO-related issues0%
Blog / Content Ownership issue0%
Lack of Plugins / Widgets update0%
Security-related concerns0%
Not Satisfied with Features such as Labels,Team blogging, etc0%
Limited to Professional and Business level needs0%
Unfriendly Terms of Service0%
Other: (Please specify)0%
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