Inside Windows 7 Performance Edition

Have you tried the Windows 7 Performance Edition(PE)?Windows 7 PE is not actually released by Microsoft it’s only a tweaked version of Windows 7 operating system customized by hackers to run faster even on slow PC’s(XP has a PE version too). Note: I won’t be promoting piracy here or talk about morality concerns I will only share what I have experienced with Win 7 PE.lol.
One of the packs that I have tried is from Neo Reconia Sys. a SP1 64-bit Ultimate Win 7 PE. I have downloaded it through torrent for almost 4 days because the file is as huge as the original one. (unlike WinXP PE that it stream down to 298mb something from 700mb so, it’s very light to download and burn to a CD)

It Needs a Product Key for Activation
Here’s what I find out, it requires a valid product key for activation so, if you have a valid keys try to enter it or otherwise turn off the OS update to avoid Microsoft block your PC. Install it with your own risk.

I hate the installation Wizard Colors
My installation was successfully however not as fast as the original one and I really hate the background colors in the installation wizard, it’s too light and irritating to stare. Maybe the hacker should change it to a very simple one or revert it to the original interface.  

Fast Copying Files
Compared to the original one, the Win 7 PE works faster in terms of file handling because of its slim interface and less visual effects. I think my PC gain almost 25% optimize speed in moving files around without using a third party software.

Fast to load and Easy to Navigate
If you love XP the way it works so simple then, Win7 PE could be your option. It has same interface with original Win 7 however, the Aero glassy looks was removed and the icons was looking techie. When you right click in the desktop you can access directly the Add /Remove Program, Control Panel, Power Options, Show/Hide Hidden Files, Run, and Task manager menu .In terms of loading I am satisfied with its speed, its  less freezing when opening more windows at the same time and no auto-expand effects when a window  touch the screen edge.

Pre-Installed Softwares:
·         Firefox 4
·         myPhoneExpress
·         IMGBurn
·         Yahoo Messenger
·         Notepad++
·         VLC  Media Player

I just want to remind you again that try it with your own risk. Thanks for reading.Please leave a comment if you have some suggestions or concerns. Merry Christmas to all!!!