Setup New Domain from Web.com.ph to your Blogger

Right after the payment of your newly acquired domain from Web.com.ph, you will receive some confirmation messages about your transactions and your domain will become active but you will need to  configure first the DNS by adding the A and CNAME Records.The same steps like when you’re in GoDaddy or any hosting service you will need to point your new domain to your blogger.

This tutorial is intended for newbies and if you find it difficult to follow I recommend that you should contact their Customer Support  they’re always online. 

1.Login to http://domains.web.com.ph/ using your account username and password (If you miss your password click the forgot password link)
2.After successful login, type your newly purchased domain in the ”Jump to Domain” textbox then, select the Domain Registration Service dropdown and press the the >> button to proceed.
3.Next, click the DNS tab and hit the Active DNS button
4. Click the Manage DNS button then, add the following:

A Record s
Ip Addresses:,,,
Host: Blank
TTL: Leave default
CNAME Records
Host Name:www
Value: Choose the second and type:ghs.google.com
TTL: Leave default        
5.Login to your blogger account, go to Settings > Publishing tab and type your new domain
6.Wait for 3 to 12 hours propagation ‘till everything is up to go. Congrats!

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