10 Free Tools to Boost your Social Media Followers and Fans quickly

Building a name in Social Media has not been easy for bloggers. It takes time to grow your followers, fans, and connections in Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbledUpon ,Digg, Facebook, etc. Being consistent in sharing valuable information, extending kindness to others by re-tweeting, and knowing more people to connect with are not always the best way around to excel in Social Media popularity nowadays. Experts don’t waste time; they use tools to enhance their social media influence and blogging promotions.

Below is the list of websites that would help you get more followers in Social Media in just small span of time for free.

Twiends-This tool has been used by many popular bloggers like John Chow & Matt Cutts. It offers  more Twitter followers, Youtube viewers and Facebook fans(but got banned  recently. Twiends has a millions of subscribers with featured users by buying a subscription package. For better promotion, every user should maintain an incentive token called”SEEDS”. You can earn seeds from following others and other people will follow if you have more.
 TraffUp – It offers free submission of website in their directory for traffic and rating exchange. It also promotes Twitter following and re-tweeting with referral bonus program. It’s easy to follow anyone and has lots of active members. You will gain more points in just a minute plus it offers affiliate program.

FreeSubs- free to join; it offers followers in Twitter, Facebook likes, Google Plus +1, Youtube views and gain coins with Autosurf or link exchange. It’s easy to increase your coins in Freesubs and you can add your entire social media link in one place then, begin following or liking others. Cons: It has only around 150 active members.

FlickSwap is another online social media promotion tool. It has a user friendly interface that you can easily link up your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube account. You can set how much credit you could give to your followers. I just don’t like the system; it’s boring, slow and only few members are active.

SocietPlus-It also offers followers for Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook fans and YouTube views. Your default coins are 10 and you can avail more if you buy their offered package or be their affiliate.I haven’t test it well but it looks great.

AddSocial-Almost the same features with Twiends. Offers Twitter following and Retweets,  Facebook likes, websites visit and Youtube views. You will get featured if you buy their subscription package and you can earn more credits in referral. Link up all your social accounts and you can set how much you will give to your followers .I have tried it, I seems get confused with the credit limit 999 and I have tried following  others ‘till I  reach 100 credits but  when I refresh the page my credits return to zero.I think there’s a little bug.
PaperThumbs -mainly for facebook fans and likes. You will pay if you like to be featured.

Youlikehits-increase your twitter follower, facebook likes, myspace fans, Youtube views, StumblesdUpon follower, Digg followers and website exchange visits for free. When you follow in Digg or Stumbledupon each will open in a separate window then, you’re required to hit the follow button before you can confirm. You will have your premium account status if you get a good number of likes or followers.

ARTmeo is another good tool to boost your social media profile. It allows you to gain more twitter followers, facebook likes, LinkedIN shares, Digg followers, Google +1 , Youtube vews, StumbledUpon followers, Twitter followers, MySpace friends and even website visitors. Better you check out individual fb pages before liking it or else you will accidentally LIKE a porn site.lol..

SocialClump - also helps you get more follower in Twitter, Facebook fans and Youtube views.You will need to manually visit each Twitter profile you are going to follow then, confirm before you will get the points. Looks like only few who use it.

Some get pissed off with those automated tools above because others will just unfollow them unkindly. But I believe when people saw the best of your works they will not leave, they will cleave and follow you more. While doing rubbish scam thing and spamming others will hint people to stay away from you.

Just try them and let me know the result  by adding your feedback below.And please don't forget to follow me on twitter: ben_baygas cheers!