Review: Free Arfoo Directory Script-does it works?

I've been looking for a free directory script online that can be customized for my personal directory project and I found Arfoo (v2.0.2), an open source directory powered by PHP with mySQL support.

Arfoo Directory includes many standard and advanced functionalities including:
  •  Language and template system
  •  Unlimited categories and subcategories
  •  Create link directories, RSS feeds directories, but also...
  • Create directories without URL like yellow pages, jobs...
  • Display address, phone, fax, coupled with Google Maps
  • URL Rewriting, anti duplicate content, and possible optimization of each field for SEO
  • Simple and intuitive placement of your advertisments (Adsense, affiliate ...)
  • Create custom fields (text, checkbox, select...)
…Read more about Arfoo main features here
...Try its demo here

So, I give I shot on Arfoo version 2.0.2 though, the installation instruction seems confusing (not so detailed compared to PHP Link Directory) I have successfully installed Arfoo in my CPanel just an hour. After the installation, I login and check the Admin Panel, I see its menus are well organized, easy to navigate, and lots of features.
actual Arfoo Directory(double click to view in full)
While testing its functionalities I found out that Arfoo has lots of bugs as follows:
  •  Can’t access the category items, it closes abruptly-I’ve tried the old version but it has the same problem
  •  Changing the Directory Title and Description won’t effect
  • Can’t add any website since it has a problem in the category menus
  • Wrong spelling menus. Example: the word “Category” was written as “Categorie. (I have spotted some more)
  • Can’t change the Arfoo banner – I want to display my own banner
Some encounters the following issues:
  •      Page Rank not working
  •       No website thumbnail
With those issues, I have tried contacting the developer to seek help through email but no feedback from their end…

Lack of Customer Support -The only means to contact the developer is thru their forum and the contact page (no response). Not good, the forum labeled as Arfoo tutorials which are flooded with marketing post about fashion items.

Less Popular Script Arfoo Directory seems a dead script. They claim that the script was chosen by hundreds of webmasters worldwide but I've never found any reviews that time in Google. 

Unstable - Version 2.0.2 had so many internal bugs and no options for templates. 

  • It’s totally free – No hidden cost and free update (but you're not allowed to remove the footer text).
  • Extensive and Advance Features- you could read its main features here
  • Migration Script is available- using the migration script you’re be able to transfer from your current directory to Arfoo.
  • Powerful Administration system
  • Supports system advertising- Arfoo directory is ads ready
  • Good Security features

Software Ratings:
Usability and Functionality........6

Overall I am not satisfied with Arfoo so I'd try another directory script that can be tailored-fit for my project.