Davao Cyber Expo 2011- Let’s join,win, and have fun!

Hello Techies,Bloggers,PC Gamers and Friends we are are going to witness again this year, the awesome Davao Cyber Expo 2011 which started almost four years ago and continue to bring more exciting tech updates that you must checked out.
The Davao Cyber Expo 2011 event will be on July 29 to 31 at the cool place of SM City- Davao where it was held several times. There will be a lot of exciting events and fun which you must join with your friends and get tons of great prizes. 
Davao Cyber Expo 2011 was organize and sponsored by our country’s top tech industry and well known establishments:

 Intel- The most popular, successful and called “the leader” in IT industry for more than 4 decades will bring more amazing technologies and as a part of giving back to it' fans, consumers and followers, Intel will be there at DCE 2011 to extend warmth supports and cooperation.Great Intel!

Blinque Tech - A great player in the tech industry through out the Philippines.They have their computer store here in Davao and General Santos City.Will bring you their latest and high-end computing tools to the max in DCE   2011.Check out their Edges!

SM City = We know SM City not just by Big name but with quality products and services.The great place to shop, eat and  hang-outs will hold these year again the DCE 2011 in their cool place. SM City supports DCE for 4 successive years as the major sponsor in venue.Thanks to SM for being supportive in the Tech Industry

e2 Events- The cool event organizer of DCE 2011.An events organizing group composed of dynamic individuals concentrating on events related to Technology, IT, Electronic Gaming and such.

Blinqtech Tech Extreme- A showcase of Blinqtech's most stunning machines from the multi-awarded IT Industry;INTEL, Western Digital, Razer, ASUS, Gskill, Coolermaster, Bitfenix, Powercolor, MSI, LG, ECS EliteGroup, Kingston, LG, and a lot more

Cosplay- No doubt here in the Philippines we have the best artist in the name of cosplay. One of them is Ms. Alodia Gosienfiao, being dubbed as the "Cosplay Goddess" in Asia. It's good to know that DCE will open a cosplay competition to encourage others to show off their best intricate costume and talent in Cosplaying.

Can’t wait? Check it out now, join, have fun and win! For more info about the DCE events please check this link Davao Cyber Expo 2011 @ e2 Eve