Press the New Wikipedia's WikiLove Button!

Wikipedia is launching a WikiLove button, which enables readers to flag the articles they enjoy and show their appreciation for writers so that writers and editors can continue to do a good job for the site.
Wikipedia said on Friday that it's currently testing the feature and will release it to the entire site on Wednesday, June 29.

The button will appear as a heart on the right hand side of the page, next to the search window. And users can click on it if they want to commend an edit.

"The love button is a simple experiment in appreciation," Wikipedia said. " Created by Wikimedia Foundation developer Ryan Kaldari, it makes it easy and fun to send barnstars or whimsical messages of appreciation to other users."

Well, in my impression this is a good move from Wikipedia to inspire writers and create a medium for interaction from readers. Everything today in online make adopt with social networking concept to get the audience attention and reactions. Thumbs up!

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