Current Globe, PLDT and Bayantel DSL Packages for SME and Corporate-with rates and specs(2011)

Do you need assistance basically, information about how you could choose a suitable DSL package for your business or even for home? Well, this article is for you. I just come up creating the tables below to give you some options and idea of what are the services made available or offered by our country’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) these are PLDT, GLobeDSL and BayanDSL.
 Wireless Broadband services are not included here. However,I add some links to help you browse additional details. I patiently get the info from my friends working on the different ISP companies.

*MSF- Monthly Service Fee

Globe DSL SME and Corporate Packages June 2011
 For more info about Globe DSL packages check their page.
See also the Wireless Broadband Internet powered by Globe page.
Package Inclusions:
  •  Bundled with Globe landline
  •  Email account & storage via Globelines.com.ph
  •  Free WiFi / Dial-up minutes
  •  WiFi modems on most plans-Globe ProLink is also offered.
  •  Free upgrade to static IP address (upon request)
  • 12 months lock-in
PLDT myDSL Biz SME Packages

For more updates, you check the PLDT myDSL page.
·         The previous offers was upgraded from .5 to 1 mbps of bandwidth each plan. For example, the Small Biz lite has a 3.5 mbps of speed now it comes with 4 mbps.
·         Every subscription is entitled to have the new PLDT Versatile Biz Box- a new all-in-one networking hardware could function as modem and switch which allows you to connect your local network with 2 Ethernet and USB ports. The Bix Boz is also a wireless router your office a Wi-Fi zone. This is only available to the new subscribers.
·          2 years lock-in period.
·         No problem for Landline extension
Prefer for wireless internet, check the PLDT Broadband Solutions page.
BayanDSL SME Packages
BayanDSl offers two split types of PLAN for their business customers; Small Medium Enterprise and the Corporate. Primarily, the two type of PLAN differs in price, specs and as well as
BayanDSL Corporate DSL Packages

 Corporate DSL Packages
SME Package
  • If you need wireless, see their Bayan Broadband page. The SME and corporate plan requires a package or installation fee of 1,999 pesos.
  •  One Year lock in-period and no problem with Landline extension
  •  The Corporate plan is ideal for BPO and other companies that requires stable and fast Internet bandwidth
  • The SME package is also a best option for your business to save from monthly service fee (MSF) and a range of bandwidth choices like the corporate plan.

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