The Frontier Apollo AP02A Mid Tower Case-Built Best for Quadcore Systems

Our new Apollo AP02A Mid Tower case was bought last week for our architect's computer.This stunning casing wear it's beautiful and innovative design with trendy features.Love it.

I have seen some frontier casings online but Apollo AP02A Mid Tower case was more grandeur in effect.The Frontier Apollo AP02A Mid Tower Case can support 4 fans to provide maximum ventilation inside the system and also an air duct.

The LED provides glimmering lights,the PSII power supply has it's own switch button-a safety button for troubleshooting.The CE edges are 100% safety againts hand injuries and the tool free maintenance features.
Apollo AP02A Mid Tower Case compliment server computers that runs quadcore processor (Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i6,Core i7 etc.)

Pros: Strong Materials, Well Vintilated Inside,Robust and Customizable
Cons: Need to Buy your own power supply, Consume more power due to more fans and LEDs, the whole casing is pricey compared to a common one.

Price: The Apollo AP02A Mid Tower Case would cost around Php 1,800 here in Davao excluding the power supply cost.

For full specs reading browser: http://www.villman.com/Product-Detail/Frontier_Apollo_AP02A)
***Some images use in this post came from VillmanComputers.com***