Wi-Fire –Boost and Extend your Wireless Connectivity-Review

Is your Wi-Fi signal sucks at home or in office? Or need a wi-fi connection but your laptop can’t find the signal?Don’t worry here’s Wi-Fire. Sounds weird right? I’ve been working almost ½ year in Networking but I only meet this gadget last month and if you want to know about it read this post.
What is Wi-Fire ?
Wi-Fire is a popular networking tool in US for both home and office use. It works like a Wi-fi-Range Extender or Antenna that can find and enhance wi-fi signal.Wi-Fire helps you to connect faster with the Internet , tap into remote apps, manage email, stream audio and video and play games online.

Wi-Fire is simply powered by a USB 2.0 cable that you can easily position it on a flat surface or clip to your laptop or desktop monitor.

Wi-Fire can works up to 1,000 feet distance, three times the range of your access point or internal wireless adapter but the signal would also matters with the environment and the positions of your network devices. Wi-Fire has no permanent positions to get a perfect signal you need to adjust or find a corner in your place that it works best.Obstructions and distance are the two common enemies of any Wi-Fi signal extender.

The Wi-Fire Connection Manager helps you to scan and spot available networks in your area both private and public.

Wireless Specifications:
•Average Maximum Power (EIRP): +27 dBm
•Minimum Receive Power: -96 dBm
•IEEE 802.11 b/g protocols
•Frequency Range: 2.421 Ghz–2.4835 Ghz
•Media Access Control: CSMA/CA with ACK
•Certification: FCC, IC, CE (when so labeled)
•North America –11 channels
•Rest of World–13 channels

Operating Systems Supported
•Windows XP or Vista
•Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)
•Linux (with kernel 2.6.24 and forward)
Physical Specifications
•2.8 ounces (80g)
•4L x 0.55W (average) x 2.25 inches (102 x 14 x 57 mm)
 •USB 2.0
•5V DC (from USB port)

Package Contents
•Wi-Fire Wireless Adapter with Universal Mount Attached
•USB 2.0 Cable (about 4 feet or 120 cm)
•Quick Start Guide
•Wi-Fire Connection Manager CD (including drivers)
•License and Limited Warranty

How to Setup:
•Install the Wi-Fire Connection Manager software
•Plug the Wi-Fire 2.0 USB Cord into your computer
•Find accessible network using the Connection Manager>>>connect>>>have fun!

•Easy to Setup or User Friendly
•Reliable Signal
•Does not requires AC power
•Supports multiple Operating Systems

•Bigger Compared to other adapters
•Inconvenient to put on thin screen (maybe not suitable for netbook)
•Cannot be permanently attach to wall like a TP-link wireless extender

Price: PhP 2,500 or $49 only

Testimonials @ Wi-Fire Brochures:
“ I bought the Wi-Fire becasue I heard people were
talking about how powerful this device is. As it turns
out, when I got it, I found out how really true that
was. All I can say, is - Thank you for creating this
Super HighSpeed Device. Thank you. ” —Anthony S. Maugaotega, US Army

“ We just finished our basement and it has turned
into the family hangout. But the router is on the
third floor in my home office, and the signal wouldn’t
reach—until I bought a Wi‑Fire. Now we’re wireless
anywhere in the house, and I take it with me when
I travel.” —Greg Oberletter, Seattle WA

“ Since we retired, my wife and I are all over the
country in our RV, visiting grandkids, seeing the
sights and going where the wind blows us. It used
to be a real pain to stay in touch, send photos and
play online games. (My wife loves to play gin on
Yahoo.) Now with the Wi‑Fire, it’s plug in and go.
I’ve even started a blog. Can you believe it? I’m 68
and I’ve got my own blog. Thanks Wi‑Fire” —Gary Tothe, Omaha NE

“ My apartment is downtown with municipal WiFi
access, but I always had a really terrible signal. It
used to drop out literally every few minutes. Now
I’m online 24/7. In fact, I’m happy to say that since
I plugged in my Wi‑Fire, I have been signed on
to instant messenger for 3 days, 17 hours and 52
minutes without one disconnect.” —Victoria Berenholz, Bethlehem PA
“ The Wi‑Fire increases both my signal strength and
connection speed. I have run a few speed tests over
the Internet and I see at least a 40% increase.” —David Garcia, University of Florida
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