How to get documents from docstoc without registration?

Do you know DocStoc? DocStoc is  a popular wesbsite that housed a thousands of professional books .Before you can avail their
eBooks you are required to register and the books there are not always free.

Below is my guide on how to get a documents without registration on DocStoc, you can do this if you can't
afford to buy their eBooks, want rush copy or lazy to register.

Disclaimer: Bennix  Computer Tips is not liable for any copyright issues.Do it with your own risk

Steps to get document form DocStoc without registration:

1. Go to DocStoc
2. Search your eBook as shown:

3. After you choose your desired book you will do our scheme
4. Right Click on the eBook and choose Select All Text like below:

5. Next, Right Click again and Choose Copy

6. Open MS Word or any word processor then, paste the content

7. Polish the content and your done!

Have Fun!

Note: Some objects and special figures cannot be copied well just for the text.