Best Free Visual Basic Video Tutorials Series by Beth Massi

If you would ask me where to find those best, free, updated and professional video tutorial for vb.net I will recommend one. The host is working at Microsoft named "Beth Massi" and to tell you the video tutorial contains valuable informations about Visual Studio, MS SQL, ligthswitch, LinQ, XML and A lot more. How do I video series will helps you a lot as newbie to build or develop your project.

One thing I loved Beth Massi's Video Tutorial on vb.net How Do I series is the way she deliver and present the topic, very clear and your tutorial works like a charm. A brilliant and reliable person to hear.The video tutorial has a perfect presentation of topics and a clear audio.

Pardon, I won't tell you more the info about her becuase I know you need the lessons rigth now and it's your opportunity to know her further.

You can download the video and the code of sample here's the links:
                                   Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Forms over Video Series
Object Binding VB 2005
19 Forms Over Video Series for Visual Basic Developers

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Complete List of Videos Series for Visual Basic 
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***I Thumbs Up to you madame Beth Massi, you deserve our praise****