The Server's Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid!

Usually you will encounter this type of SSL error when you try to open Google, gmail, yahoomail and yahoo with expired SSL certificates, then if you tried to hit the PROCEED ANYWAY button you can ignore the error message but it will still occur when you restart your browser.

If you encounter this SSL Error just do the following steps to solve it:

1. Check your system time. (Time must set updated)
2. Check also the date ( The day/month/year must be accurate and present)
3. Check your location, go to control panel> Regional and Language Options> Location
4. Some browser like IE v6 requires you to add manually the trusted certificates.

***if your set the time and date properly but on the next start of your computer the invalid time come will come back then, check your CMOS battery. Weal CMOS battery is the common cause of wrong system time and date.CMOS battery will only cost Php 50 or almost one dollar only***