Acer Aspire One NAV50 Web Camera Driver for Win7 32-Bit

Having diffulty searching online for the exact webcam driver of your Acer Aspire Nav50? Obviously, it's because "Nav50" is not the actual model of your laptop that you can find on Acer Support site.

Flip your laptop and check the mode number printed at the back something like AO532h xxx. Now, go to the Acer site: https://www.acer.com/ and search with the model # or simply open the link below:


Once you've opened it, make sure to select the appropriate Operating System (Windows 7, 32 Bit) and scroll down. Open the +Application group then, find the WebCam Application. You will see three different webcam drivers for each vendor (Chicony, Suyin, Liteon). It's best that you download all of them, install and see which one will work in your system. For my client's laptop, Chicony solved webcam no display issue. 

After the installation, open Acer Crystal Eye Webcam application and you should be able to operate the webcam as normal.