How to Fix Can't find fmodex.dll in Rules of Survival

Sometime in November 2018, RoS released an update and that's when numerous end users had started to encounter the "Can't find fmodex.dll" bug after they availed the update. 

In fact, you can find a thread here about this bug.

As well, you may notice that this bug is also related to can't find fmod_event.dd and fmod_event.dll and which is quite common on Windows 7 PCs.

The error message starts to appear after you updated the latest Rules of Survival installation and it won't get fixed even you reinstall the game or add the fmodex.dll in RoS directory or repair client.

If you're having the same issue now, I hope my guide below will give you direction on how to fix "Can't find fmodex.dll".

1. Check your PC from Viruses

Make sure the unit where ROS is installed is free from any malware and viruses. Scan your PC with updated Antivirus software. Double-check ROS installer as well. Clean your flash drives.

2. Update Graphics Driver

This didn't work for me but someone pointed from a thread that outdated graphics driver may also the culprit of fmodex.dll error. I recommend you use the following tools to help you get the right driver for your graphics:

3. Re-install RoS to Different Path

If you have not tried, reinstall ROS to another directory in your local drive and see if it works after update.

4. Use Portable RoS

Without uninstalling the existing ROS, try copying a running ROS installer from another PC. Put the copied the ROS files into another path and test when an update is finished.

5. Switch to Windows 10 OS

If step 1 to 4 not working for you, then your last option is to install ROS to Windows 10 and this method worked for me. I found out that ROS works without any issue on my Windows 10 laptop so, I ended up reformating my client's pisonet machines and put back all the software overnight.