Design Your Own Elegant Business Card Without Photoshop

Do you want to create a personalized business card in a minute? Here’s cool with SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker you will be able to create an elegant and professional-theme business card without the use of Photoshop or other complicated graphics tool. This software provides pre-made business card templates with creative backgrounds, drag & drop designing and beautiful cliparts that you’ll never find with MS Publisher.

 The Cliparts are categorized from Abstract, Animals, Humans, Art figures & to Business shapes where you can conceptualize your business logo as well.

To begin designing your first awesome business card:

1. First download and install SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker v2.50

 2.After successfully installed open Business Card Maker, the screen will prompt you to choose any of the pre-made templates or you can create your own from scratch by checking the New Blank Card and define the dimension.
3. Now, start customizing your business card. You can import an image as your background or choose from the available options below. Click the add text to your names and personal details. You can change your font-type, color, text position or add shadow effects as you wish.
A corporate business card sample
4. To add Cliparts, in the left, just choose and click or drag it to your design. You can resize, rotate or fill different color to the clipart.

5. You can draw shapes or insert lines, rectangle, circle or a star with gradient effects and strokes. Plus you can add beautiful patterns to your objects. For example, you like to you the oval shape to have a skin like orange so you will just draw the shape then, go to Shape Fill tab and choose the patterns you want, as easy as that.
Personal Business card sample
6. After done, customizing your business card you can Save it as an image or pdf file. In saving as image option and you can change its DPI or print quality value (from 100 to 600 to a larger the file size).You can also set the number of cards per sheet or make the whole sheet as your card.lol
You can hit the Change button to do customize printing layouts
Pros: Elegant and unique pre-made templates, more cool cliparts and WYSWYG interface. Layering type designing but so user-friendly. Fast to load, save, and print.

Cons: Limited to customize vectors, can’t edit images and the software is not free at all.
Finally, my effortless personalized business card sample is ready to print yet!.lol