2012 High CPC Adsense Technology-Related Keywords

As usual, this year keywords related to medical, legal, insurance & health are still dominating in the adsense most profitable niche ever. Though it’s very engaging for desperate blogger like me to pick and earn that big, yet a big competition awaits down the road.
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If you're blogging in technology related stuff here are the keywords that I consider profitable on the average until next year. I come up with the list using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

List of Tech-Related Keywords with High CPC

Backup & Recovery
                 Hard drive recovery -$19
                 Online backup solutions -$38
                 Enterprise Backup Software -$27
                 Raid Recovery -$54.19
                 Data disk recovery -$26.50
                 Server backup software comparison -$23.16

Cloud Networking
                Cloud computing -$17.73
                Enterprise cloud computing -$ $27
                Cloud services -$31
                Cloud computing hosting -$31.78
                Domain name Registration -$ 26.19
                Cheap registration domain -$26.19
                Buying a domain name -$26.35
                Register a domain -$22.97
                Server hosting services -$30.58
                Cloud hosting services -$32.25
                Cloud hosting providers -$33.18
                Email hosting services -$26.09
                Dedicated hosting service -$41.31
                Dedicate hosting providers -$41.26 

Conference / Call Center
                Call Conference -$28.64
                Conference call center -$29.51
                Call Centers Outsourcing -$19.18
                Offshore BPO Service -$30.54
                BPO Service Definition -$21.64
                Web CRM Software -$22
                Online CRM Software -$22.79
                Free CRM Software -$22.18

Online Marketing
                Internet Marketing Course -$25
                Email marketing -$58.87
                Email marketing software -$40.31
                Email marketing software Pro -$32.98
                Linux dedicated server -$36.21
                Dedicated linux server -$32.44
                Linux server hosting -$31.59

Billing Software
                Online billing software -$24.64
                Online medical billing software -$28.91
                Business internet solution -$24

Online Courses -$36.09
What do you think? Well,happy high cpc targeting mode!