CashSense Visa Card- perfect for money remittance and Paypal verification.Get yours for free!

Cool!I have received my CashSense Visa card last Friday delivered directly to my door for free. Very simple, I just sign up in their Associate program, put the CashSense banner in my blog, send a copy of my ID then, fill-up and submit the CI form, now here’s my CashSense Visa Card:
BTW, I’ll never forget to thank Gian and Kris for sharing the info about CashSense.

I get this free CashSense Visa primarily for my Paypal transactions.ohh…CashSense can do the following:

  • You can withdraw funds sent to you at any Bancnet, Expressnet or Megalink ATM Nationwide 24/7.
  • You  can shop at accredited merchants (check out CashSense Online Shopping Mall)
  • Fast online money remittance to the Philippines with referral commission feature.
  • Using CashSense Visa you can get verified with paypal easily(check Kris post here).But can’t be used to withdraw funds from PayPal(the feature I am hoping to come soon).As of now withdrawing funds from paypal is only available to their EON Visa Card or  you may obliged to open a personal UnionBank account.
  • You can use CashSense to pay your bills by registering the billers in your account.
  • No maintaining balance and free balance inquiry.
  • No worries, even if you lose the card, your funds still safe.

Well, the package contains the CashSense card, the PIN, and a brochure for instructions.

So, if you’re a blogger/merchants/OFW -and interested to have this card for free, just follow the steps below:
  1. For you to get the CashSense Card for free, you must have a blog. Hurry up! According to Gian’s post, this is only for the first 100 applicants.
  2. Join by signing up  in Cashsense as Associate
  3. After signing-u, go to Download page and get their banner code then, display it to your blog.
  4. Message the CashSense admin, tell them, that you have placed their banner in your blog and you want to get a free CashSense Visa Card
  5. Once approved, follow their instructions.
  6. Congrats. You will receive your CashSense Visa Card after a week.

Cashsense is under the UnionBank System and operate since 2006. For more info read their FAQ’s here.

Thanks to CashSense. Please share the news and get yours now!