How to Extract and Open .Bin files in a Minute?

Normally, .Bin files are image read-to-burn which can’t be open without extraction. One of the benefits of .Bin image, it makes the file intact and can’t be easily altered by anyone and burn-ready as well.It’s good for bootable files or big games that can’t be fit in one disk.

However, when you obtained the file from the Internet and you want to install the software directly in your PC, you can’t use it without burning to a CD.So,there's a need to extract it for you to access the files. 

Now, for you to extract the Bin files into a folder you need to do the following:
Install image extractor software like PowerISO in your PC. (Nero can read .Bin files but can’t extract).

1.Backup your .Bin file first. Just in case you missed then, you have a good copy.

2.Rename your .Bin files to .iso extension. For example: Monkey Island 3 CD1.bin –must be change to Monkey Island 3 CD1.Iso
Note: For you to change the any file extension go to Explorer>Folder Options> View > Unchecked Hide extensions for all types of files>Apply

-In windows 7 the Folder Option form could be found in Control Panel by Large Icon View

3.After you changed it to .iso extension if prompted just click YES.Right click the file and choose open with > powerISO
4.Once the file is open, Click the Extract button in the powerISO menu bar
5.Next, set the file extraction path and hit the OK button to begin the extraction as shown above:

6.Finally, your done and congrats.!

You can still burn the converted .Bin files into .ISO because they’re both an image files.