Bennix was featured at Bloggers.com Editor’s Pick of the Day

Whoaaaah! I am very happy this morning because I was one of the three being featured at Bloggers.com as an Editor’s Pick of the Day. When I open my profile I see lots of heart-warming greetings, invitations and votes. I didn’t know yet until I checked the homepage and I was surprisingly there. lol….

 An honor for me and it inspires me a lot to blog and connects with other bloggers every time.Many thanks to Bloggers.com!

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And off course don’t forget these brilliant people that you should add at Bloggers.com. char!..
  • Kira Permunian of LS Geekster-Best SEO Blogging
  • Gian Faye of Loading-Info- Web Enthusiast,Bloggers, BookWorm and Programmer
  • JR Plaza of Always 10 Top- a Blogger, Web designer and developer
  • Christian Esperar of Blogging –Techies -A tech-blogger and programmer
  • Mike Cornish of Nerds and Geeks- a blogger and nerdy geek person
  • AJ Banda of Beneath The Tree- a tech and programming-stuff blogger
  • Anciro (aka. Tarsier) of The BackPackman-  a Travel blogger
  • Wan Maznah of Cooking Varieties- a food blogger and a friend of mine from Malaysia
  • Manuel Garcia of Designers Hub-a web designing enthusiast
  • Justin Germino of Draggon Blogger-a passionate blogger and IT guy
  • Kent of MyNetGadget-a game and tech-blogger from Davao
  • Argie Monroy (aka budwalker) of SEO Blogger-a SEO guy

My profile: Bennix at Bloggers.com –Please add me too.lol…

And the rest of the popular bloggers that I missed to include…Please let me know if you like me to add you here…That’s all. Happy Blogging. Cheers!