Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget not Working: Solved in Just one Click!

After my Firefox 4 was disturbed by a trojan, my Windows 7 sidebar gadget looks weird.In the sidebar it only shows an empty block and unending loading icon, ugly and useless. I have been reading from Microsoft's website on how to fix these problem but all their tips doesn't work until I ended up in  this Windows 7 forum where I get this simple .bat file that totally works and it's free.

Basically, the sidebar gadget doesn't work because it's corresponding DLL files in the registry was missing/ corrupted  added with IE security zone conflict  as well.

Download here from the original link:Here's the original link:

Now, to fix that dude, simply download and save this bat file in your computer then RUN,,,BOOOOOOOOOOM, it's working!!!!congrats.

Note: (From the author)
• This command will reset the security zones in Internet Explorer back to the default settings."C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe"

 •If your Windows 7 is not displayed as the C: drive in Computer, then substitute C: in the command above with your drive letter instead.

•This simple .bat file works on 64x and 86x bit Win 7 .Please try and add your feedback below.