Google Chrome Browser Can't Download Any Files Online-Solved

I have encountered a weird problem with my Google Chrome browser-it can browse the internet but whenever I download any type of files whether it's a software, images,etc., it will just start downloading and stuck-no progress at all.
I am using Avast Antivirus-an updated version and I use CCleaner to clear all the cookies to think that maybe theresa malware blocking the Chrome download process in the Temp folder, uninstall and install chrome for several times,however it has no effect the problem still not solved.
If you encounter this problem with your Google chrome don't do anything like what I did,this is happenning because Chrome cannot properly determine it's Download location.
1. Click the Wrench icon in your Chrome
2. Choose Options 
3. Choose Under the Bonnet Tab> Downloads
4. In the downloads menu> change the download folder as you wish or put check on "Ask where to save each file before downloading"

5. Exit and Try