The New Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB Wireless SD was launched with Direct Mode for IOS and Android !

We know Trek and Toshiba how they promised to work with Wireless SD Card  but  Eye-Fi wish to deliver it more.

Eye-Fi  has officially announced  their new Eye-Fi Mobile X2, a new 8GB wireless memory card capable of immediate uploading to other Eye-Fi enabled devices or connecting camera to mobile devices, such smartphone or tablet.

With the launch of the Eye-Fi Mobile X2, Eye-Fi will be releasing its Direct Mode and accompanying iOS and Android apps as free upgrades to all existing and new Eye-Fi X2 cards. With Direct Mode, users can enjoy the best of the devices they already own, namely the quality of digital cameras and the ubiquitous connectivity of their mobile devices. The Eye-Fi card can now establish a direct connection to the mobile device by creating its own Wi-Fi network anywhere users capture memories, even if that is miles from a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether they are hiking or at the beach, consumers can now send photos and videos directly from their digital camera to the Eye-Fi app on their smartphone or tablet, enabling them to back up, edit and share their memories in the moment.

"Direct Mode helps us bridge the gap between classic digital imaging and the exploding world of mobile devices," said Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi. "With Direct Mode and our new Android and iOS apps, the pervasive connectivity of mobile is made available to existing cameras."

Eye-Fi Wireless SD cards is compatible to 1000+ camera models like,canon,Casio,fujifilm,hp,insignia,kodak,leica, nikon,olympus,panasonic,pentax, polaroid,ricoh, samsung, sanyo and sony sdhc memory card

No SRP yet in the  Philippines, you  can buy  it through Amazon, Bestbuy and Apple store worth $79.99 starting on April 17, 2011.

For more information, visit www.eye.fi.