Removing the Annoying Windows 7 Workgroup or Printer and File Sharing Password

The default public sharing setup of Windows 7  includes a password protected workgroup that will prompts you to enter the username and password of the owner every time you will connect or access File and Printer Sharing in the network. 
You might wonder sometimes that you cannot access network printers and other shared resources even if there's no problem with network sharing models this due to password protected workgroup. Don't worry here's the quickest way to disable that nagging setup.

1. In your Windows 7 Start menu click Network.(If not found you can go to Control Panel)

2. In the Network window click Network and Sharing Center as shown:

3.Next, click the menu name Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options

4.In the Home Group>Change Advance Sharing Settings

5.Then, scroll down and find Turn Off Password Protected File Sharing.

Do the same steps on all computers you want to connect. Your done and Have Fun!