PLDT DSL Encounters almost 5 days DNS problem- Affected Client Cannot Browse

Few weeks past that PLDT DSL is always unstable; to simply state it sucks especially here in Davao. In our situation, the Internet connection frequently drops every 6 minutes then, I’ll restart the modem again to restore the connection. Hassle right?

Yesterday, we encounter another Internet connection problem again. It’s weird! because only the server has the Internet; all of the LAN client cannot browse but the Internet connection shows working, our programmer could even work with VNC but cannot open browse with the Internet.

Ping works to all, no faulty cable, router setup is correct, no threat, firewall is in good setup, network switch is okay and everything is fine except that you cannot browse on client computer.

I have reported the incident to PLDT broadband repair service line (172) and also contacted some friends from PLDT to resolve the problem.
This morning (January 15, 2011) someone called in our office from PLDT then told me that there was a  DNS problem in PLDT that almost takes 5 days ago  that’s why we experience browsing problem and he gave some working open DNS as follows:


Our existing DNS was and it doesn’t work anymore. Note, not all account was affected by this type of problem but in case you will encounter just call the PLDT people and ask for a new DNS or use the above.

To tell further, after I have entered 2 of the given open DNS above, all works fine; all clients can browse the Internet now..
We falsely think that it was the server but we are lucky to resolve it before taking some bloody action with our setup because of that fool PLDT DNS. lol…