Neo Netbook Basic Promo Suck in just 1 Month – cheap but waste of money?

I remember last year that one of the Neo Sales Agent come to our office and offer their Notebook(both Neo and HP  Netbook)  promo for 2 years installment plan as low as 2500/month. I was present that time and almost of my officemates ask me if Neo is a good  but I don't give them an answer.

Although, all of my officemates was disapproved by the company (Neo) to avail the said offered promo I still have the opportunity to review it through my friend's experience.

A month ago, my friend from Digos City call me because she encounter a weird problem with her newly bought notebook from Neo (1 month old). Neo? Oh yeah, it was bought from Manila worth PhP 11,500( also offered in the 2 years netbook promo) last November and I told my friend to seek a computer expert in their town to check the unit then she would contact me again if nothings works. After two days my friend visit me with her dead Neo Notebook Basic …and I troubleshoot the said unit but it sucks, totally dead.
dead Neo Notebook Basic B3280 N
You can read the specs details here:http://www.wiredsystems.com/store/notebook/neo-basic-b3280-n-intel-atom-n450-512kb-1-66ghz.html
The said Neo Notebook has the following scenario:
•Model:Neo Basic B3280N
•The power button is on but no display
•No Sound,
•No Neo Logo
•Doesn’t Boot

I have tried removing the battery and I use the power supply directly but nothings work, totally black. I can’t fully troubleshoot the hardware since it is still under on warranty.I believe the motherboard was dead and the problem with the replacement period was only 7 days, so you need to pull out another budget, stupid right?

I told my friend to bring her dead notebook to the Neo Service Center to secure warranty and repair service. While my friend is in the Neo Service Center she was shocks to find out that a lot of people there have the same problem with her. They’re murmuring about the cheap notebook promo from Neo but quality sucks in just a few months.

The dead Neo Notebook Basic B3280N of my friend was still on the Neo Service Center, hoping they could repair it. I slightly blame my friend of buying it without consulting me since I can recommend better products for her.(I'll update this post..)

Update: After an almost 3 weeks the netbook was return by NEO service center to my friend and it works fine now. I was not wrong to think  that it was a motherboard problem!

Final Impression: I don’t hate Neo because every product has the pros and cons but one thing I could say they must not offer a rubbish products that doesn’t worth the customer’s money or else they would got a bad image to the public. I believe Neo should put emphasis on quality before ROI.