Unboxing TP link Wireless Range Extender TL- WA73ORE

Yesterday, I unboxed the TP link Wireless Range Extender TL- WA73ORE and I was mistaken to think that it could extend 150 meters as what the sales assistant told us. The real thing was TL-WA73ORE could provide up to 150 mbps signal regeneration at no exact distance details based on the manual.

Well, every extender has no real scope  because it would greatly matters on environment -obstacle or any signal interferences , the strength of your router signal and as well as  the capacity of your ISP.

 TP link, TL-WA73ORE works fine in IEEE 802.11n products but it can access full 54 mbps in IEEE 802.11g and also compatible with IEEE 802.11g.

TL-WA73ORE is also a Wi-Fi certified, passed Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) and works at 2.4 GHZ. CCA technology makes sure that your wireless signal does not conflict with Wi-Fi signals that may be transmitting nearby your connection strength.

TL-WA7ORE flawlessly repeat the signal based on your working router or access point with 9x speed rates and wireless 4x range  based on standard wireless G products.

TL-WA7ORE could be configured to an Access Point mode or Range Extender mode which is commonly setup. It can also provide advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption to protect your network against intruders.

TL-WA7ORE works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7/ Mac OS or Linux-based operating system.

TL-WA7ORE would cost 2000 to 2500 pesos (more less $50) with 5 months or longer warranty period.