Changing your Wi-Fi Security key or password using Cisco Network Magic

If you can’t access your router because your forgot the IP address, Login account, browser problem or your just want a quick way to change your router Wi-Fi security key here’s the good apps name Cisco Network Magic. If you are not aware, Cisco Network Magic is a tool included in your Router’s Driver CD. 

If you haven’t installed it then install it now because there are a lot of benefits for having Cisco Network Magic in your Local Area Network. I can’t tell you all about Cisco Network Magic in this post but I’ll discuss on how you could change your Wi-Fi Password in a quick way using Cisco Network Magic.

Here are the steps to change your Router Password or Security key using Cisco Network Magic:

1. Install Cisco Network Magic in your Computer. See to it that your computer is connected to the router Ethernet port.

2. Run the Cisco Network Magic after successful installation

3. In the Network Task window click the Change Wireless Protection menu

4. In the Wireless Protection window click the Change Wireless Security Button

5. In the Wireless Security Settings choose the type of protection you would like to implement in your Network. (If you would choose No Wireless Security then no more keys required)

6. WPA or WPA will prompt your to enter your custom Wireless Network password, just press next to continue.

7. Just wait while the system is updating with the Wireless Settings changes

8. The final notification will tell if your configuration is successful. Your done! Congrats.