Removing Atenean Lady Scandal.vbs and SysInfo.vbs virus

Have you infected by Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs Virus (LAS)? It works like samok.vbs but it's easier to remove if you can follow this tips.

Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs is a virus associated with the following files and processes.
.Autorun.inf - 
.Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs


This type of virus can be get easily if you are incline to visit porno sites like red tube based on my experience.It will make your PC freeze and unuseful when threat fully controlled your PC. No matter when your Antivirus or Antimalware could detect and delete it the threat would attempt to run again after reboot. The best thing to do is to manually kill the threat and run your Antivirus to clean all infected files.

What Antivirus could remove Lady Atenean virus?
Avast, Wormblaster, Avenger tool and other Antimalware tools can remove Lady Atenean Scandal virus.

Removing Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs virus successfully

Although Antivirus and Virus Cleaner programs could detect and stop LAS virus but some Registry values needs to be deleted to prevent the virus run on start up again.

Instruction on how to remove the Lady Atenean Scandak virus:

1. Stop this two processes: 1. explorer.EXE 2. wscript.exe

2. If you could manage, open the MSconfig tool and find these programs:
   1. SysInfo.vbs       

3. Disable these programs to run on system startups by unchecking them.

4. Open the Registry by typing Regedit in Run window, if you can't succeed download and install USB Virus Scan then go to Fix System menu to enable the Taskmanager, Registry and folder options.Note: Back up your Registry first by exporting it to revert when something is going wrong.

5. Then, open your Registry and find this value: 
    1. SysInfo.vbs  

6 Delete it all as shown:
Searching the Registry
Delete SysInfo.vbs
7. Close the Registry and Scan your PC with reliable Antivirus or malware
8. Fire up Avast Boot Time Scan which could help you to clean your system wholly from mk.com, jre9.com, Recycled and System Volume Information which could be an ally of LAS virus.

Stop Lady Antenean Scandal virus easily, without software(Safe Mode)

Another effective way to delete the LAs virus is by using windows safe mode just follow this:

1. Restart your PC
2. While booting up, hit the F5 key simultaneously until the Safe Mode options will open
3. Login as Administrator
4. Just choose to turn on System Restore if prompted.
6. Open my computer go to Tool> Folder Options> View Tab
7. In the View Tab do this:

      Put a check: Show Hidden Files and Folders
      Unchecked: 1. Hide extensions for known files   2. hide protected operating system files

8.Go to your drive C, D, E or any drive and find the Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs, jre9. com, and mk.com then delete it all.
9. Open the msconfig and disable the Sysinfo.vbs  to run on startup
10. Next go to Registry and find the two values:
    SysInfo.vbs and jre
11. Delete the two values to kill the virus forever

Your done!

*** The advantage of removing the Lady Atenean Scandal.vbs in Safemode are the Registry, MSconfig. Folder option and taskmanager is working***