How to take Screenshots on Multimedia Player while running Videos?

 I was about to create a new post about multimedia player but I have problems on screenshots. Particularly on taking screenshot while the media player is running and capturing the whole picture including the player like below. 

 I have tried but I didn't succeed, I try to pause the player and take screenshots on it but it only appears the black screen that scrolls, bad output. I think it was easy but not at all.

I have research through the Internet to see if there is another tool or solution and I have discovered that not only me having a problem on that issue but a lot of people there asking on how to do it.

Last night I explore FS Capture for my post and by reading FS Capture help doc I found there the solution of my problem. I was surprise FS Capture could work on taking screenshots with running Media Player and I test it was successful.

Tips on how FS Capture could take screenshots on Multimedia Player while playing video:

1. Right Click on your Desktop > Properties

2. Go to Setting tab >click Advance button

3. Next, go to Troubleshoot tab > Hardware Acceleration - set to None as shown:

4. Click Apply then OK

5. Run the FS Capture

6. Pause your multimedia player and take screenshots as you wish.

Your done!Have Fun!

Warning: Please set back the Hardware Acceleration to Full after done with your task. This might cause system problem if not set properly.