Failed to Create System Browser Pane. Make sure PTxSCP.ocx is installed and registered correctly -Solved

After my computer has been shutdown by accidental brown-out in our area I can't open my Autoplay Media Studio 8 Personal Edition anymore an error message keeps appearing

" Failed to Create System Browser.Pane Make sure PTxSCP.ocx is installed and registered correctly ".

Although I have encountered this error message before, I just ignoring to think I am using a bad portable A.M.S. but now even the licensed one I still getting the same error.

I have seacrh through the internet using the error message as the keyword and I found out what is "PTxSCP.ocx" which is an important DLL file. I have know that this error message appear maybe a spyware infect the PTxSCP.ocx file.


1. If you encounter this problem just type:

 regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\PTxSCP.ocx in RUN and press ENTER to register the PTxSCP.ocx file as shown below:

2. Press OK and Re-open your A.M.S or any application you are working w/.

I realized that the problem was not about the A.M.S but due to a missing DLL file!