Jonas of Netpumper 1.25.1, Do not Downlaod Netpumper It's a Spyware

AfterI have finish downloading a game file and  I want to extract the content it prompts me to enter the archive password. I open the password html link(click here to view the suspicious link) and it says that I should download the Netpumper 1.25.1 and I will get the password upon following the process.
But I am troubled when I am almost finish downloading the NetPumper 1.25.1 file,  that my Avast! detect it as a MALWARE!

I abort the connection and research in the internet and I found a lot of blogs confirming that this Netpumper is an adware....blah............blah.............
 Read This blogs......
Security StrongHold
Spyware Remover
Pc Threat
Pls. guys do not download it.The safety begins in yourself...If you are looking for the password of the archive file..here:

The password is:
The Full name is Jonas Wenberg

File: Medieval 2 Kingdom
        Total War