Invalid Plugin Detected. Adobe Reader will Quit (Solved)

In our office we are all using Adobe Reader to open pdf files but one day my officemates calls me for help because Adobe Reader doesn’t work anymore. I have installed the same version of Adobe Reader to all office computers but there was no problem. When  checked it ,I found out that the Adobe Reader can still open your pdf files but when you scroll or create a mouse move an error message will display” Invalid Plugin Detected. Adobe Reader will” after that message, the whole page area will turn to blank. 

I have done the following:
1. Reinstall the Adobe Reader with the same version- Not working
2. Update Adobe Reader and Acrobat- Not Working
3. Installing the same Adobe Reader Version 9.0 to other units- It woks w/o problem
4. Installing Other old Adobe Reader Version- It works w/o problem
5. Spot Adobe Reader plugin file – Not found

After I have successfully installed the Adobe Reader to other units I have supposed that there’s a malware in the unit wherein Adobe Reader is not working. I installed Hijack to analyze some running processes and programs. I have found out some suspicious program and I remove them but Adobe Reader still not working. 

I am moving around with Add and Remove programs to see something and there I found out Babylon.exe which is unusual for me and I research on the internet about it. Based on the information, babylon.exe application is used to translate words and/or phrases between languages. So, this application is not directly a security threat and In fact my AV’s and Virus scanners don’t detect it as a threat. But some experts claim that threat might use the name to penetrate your system and will attack some parts of you registry components, installed programs, etc.

Since, this program is not valuable to me then, I remove it and guys believe me Adobe Reader was restored its working good right now.

Just remove Babylone.exe and your Adobe Reader will work again!