How to Remove the Frame Rate and Audio Track Label in my BS Player?

I have installed recently my favorite BS player to my desktop in home while playing downloaded movies I have notice that in the upper left corner of the video display there is color green text showing. The text contains the Audio track, frame rate, description, and others. Those things are annoying and I want to remove them. I explore some option tools but I never found the answer, the green text still appearing in the screen.
When I have installed BS player to my office desktop the green text was not appearing. I wonder if there is another program triggering those green text to appear. I experiment some settings and I finally found the answer.

How to Remove the Frame Rate and Audio Track Label in my BS Player?

While you play audio / video files, you will see some two added icons in the task bar as shown below:

The blue icon is the Audio Decoder you will see this icon if you will play a music file(mp3) while the red icon is for  Video Decoder that appears when a video is played. Both icons will appear if you gonna play a movie or both video and audio.

Do the following steps to Stop the Green Label Appearing in your BS Player Screen
1. Right Click the Audio Decoder icon( above image it is labelled as FFa) and unchecked the OSD to remove the Audio Track green text as shown below:

2. Same step above,  Right Click the Video Decoder icon next from Audio Decoder uncheck the OSD menu.

3. Now, that you have uncheked all OSD menu on both audio and video decoder, try to play a movie file and see the effects...

Your done!