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How to Process and Claim Funeral Grant Benefit from SSS

What is SSS Funeral Grant?

The funeral grant is the amount given to whoever pays the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner. As of 2018, the amount of the funeral grant amount is ranging from a minimum of P20,000 to a maximum of P40,000, depending on the member’s paid contributions and CYS.

Please note that aside from Funeral Grant, the immediate family or dependent of the deceased member are also entitled to Death claim and SSS pension benefits.

Qualifying Conditions for SSS Funeral Grant

For self-employed/ non-working spouse/ OFW members - the deceased SSS member must have paid at least one (1) monthly contribution, for his/her beneficiaries to be entitled to the funeral benefit.

For employed members and those separated from employment - the deceased must be reported for coverage by his/her employer, even if no contribution was paid, for his/her beneficiaries to be entitled to the funeral benefit.

What are the forms and documents needed in filing a claim for FuneralGrant?

Basic Forms/Documents

1. Funeral Claim Application Form
    -Filer’s Affidavit/Sinumpaang Salaysay

2. SS card or two valid ID cards/documents of the claimant, both with signature and at least one with photo

3. A certified true copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased member. Duly registered with the LCR/PSA (formerly NSO) or issued by the Vital Statistics Office/County of the host country or its equivalent, if the member died abroad. If applicable, certified by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or PSA (formerly NSO). If not written in the English language, with authorized English translation from the Philippine DFA.

4. Original copy of the official receipt from the funeral parlor regarding funeral expenses

5. New residence certificate of the filer

Additional Documents:

Marriage Certificate (Certified True Copy / NSO)
Permit to Transfer Cadaver (Photocopy)
Affidavit of Burial Expenses
Police / Accident Report ( Photocopy)
2 pcs 1x1 ID picture of the claimant
Latest community tax certificate (Cedula)

Other Documents:

1. If Death Certificate is not available from LCR or PSA (formerly NSO)

    -Death certification issued by Parish/Church or Burial certification from the Cemetery Administrator, with certification of non-availability from LCR and PSA (formerly NSO)
    - In case of late registration (affidavit at the back of the Death Certificate should be properly accomplished explaining the reason for the delay), death certification issued by Parish or Burial certification from the Cemetery Administrator

2. For missing persons during emergencies and disasters
   - Certificate of missing person, believed to be dead in times of disaster, from the
  - A notarized Undertaking executed by the claimant, in the form prescribed by SSS,
stating that the funeral grant shall be returned to SSS should the member re-appear and proven to be alive

Note: Emergencies and disasters refer to natural and/or human-generated disasters
including terrorism or the use of weapons of mass destruction; e.g. tsunami,
96 flood, landslide, typhoon, earthquake, etc. (per AO No. 2007-0018 issued by the
Department of Health).

3. For victims of air or sea mishap

 - For victims whose bodies were not recovered but whose names appeared in the
passenger manifest, any of the following is needed, in addition to the Undertaking cited in Item no. 2 above:

- Marine protest issued by the Philippine Coast Guard and passenger’s manifest issued
by the shipping company

- Passenger’s manifest issued by the airline company

- Marine protest supported by quitclaim or fax messages from the manning agency
regarding the disappearance and authenticated by ER

- Certification from the shipping/airline company or Philippine Coast Guard, or the
Inter-Agency Task Force created by the President of the Philippines

- For victims whose bodies were not recovered and whose names did not appear in the
passenger manifest, any three (3) of the following are needed, in addition to the
Undertaking cited in Item no. 2 above:

- Certification from the ER that the victim has not reported for work from the time the
the accident happened up to the present time if the victim was employed.

- Certification from the barangay chairman on the disappearance of the member and a
joint affidavit of two (2) persons preferably immediate relatives of the deceased
a member that it is common knowledge within the barangay that the victim died in
the accident, if the victim was unemployed

- Passengers List where the name of the victim appears, as compiled by the
Department of Interior and Local Government and duly certified by the Chairman of
the Government’s Inter-Agency Task Force created by the President of the

- Certification from the shipping/airline company stating that it has recognized the
fact that the victim was aboard the ship/airplane during that particular trip

- Affidavit of at least two (2) persons stating that they saw the deceased actually board
or actually on board the ship/airplane on its last, ill-fated voyage

- A duplicate copy of tickets filed by the shipping/airline company, if any

- Coastguard report

4. For missing persons without credible proof of death, all of the following are needed, in
addition to the Undertaking cited in Item no. 2 above:

- Police investigation report (reflected in the police blotter) conducted immediately after
the disappearance of the member that tends to show that the member is already
deceased; and

- Confirmation report from a police authority or other government agency after four (4) or
seven (7) years from the date of disappearance of the member to the effect that the
member has not yet been found.

5. If without Official Receipt (OR) from the funeral parlor regarding funeral expenses, any of
the following:

- Notarized affidavit of funeral expenses if the service of a funeral parlor was not
contracted, if claimant is an immediate relative of the family

-  Provisional receipt or funeral service contract issued by the funeral parlor, if member is
not yet buried

- Certification from the insurance/memorial life plan company stating that the deceased
member/claimant is the plan holder

- Affidavit of sale executed by the plan holder or deed of sale together with the certification
of availment from memorial plan company allowing the transfer of plan to the deceased

- Duplicate copy of OR and duly notarized affidavit of loss executed by claimant
- Certification of loss or non-availability of the duplicate copy of the OR from the funeral
parlor and duly notarized affidavit of loss executed by the claimant

- Certification by the funeral parlor regarding non-payment together with the contract, if
the deceased member was already buried but the funeral services rendered by the funeral
parlor was not yet settled.

6. If member’s cause of death is work connected:

- Report of Death (SS Form BPN-105) together with any of the following:

- Accident report signed by the worker’s immediate supervisor and personnel
manager, in case the accident happened within the company premises

- Record of consultation or hospital report, if accident happened outside company

- Police report on the accident, in cases of accident involving third party

- Certified true copy of the page of the company logbook or any other document
containing the entry for the particular sickness or accident

- Certified true copy of the Medical findings of the attending doctor or hospital
records, if applicable

7. If funeral claim is filed thru a representative (at the discretion of the Branch Head)
- LOA or SPA and representative’s SS card or two valid ID cards, both with signature and at least one (1) with photo.

8. If claimant is the funeral parlor

- Copy of the service contract showing the name, address and contact number of the
person who contracted the funeral service
- Authorization For Funeral Benefit Form

9. If the claimant is other than the person indicated in the OR

- Letter of explanation signed by the person whose name appears in the OR stating that
the claimant was the one who actually defrayed the funeral expenses.

Note: Supporting documents, such as Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract, including
late registered documents, should have the following features (per Office Order No. 107-
A dated March 14, 2000):
- With registry number
- With signature of the LCR or his/her authorized signatory official. The name and
signature of the official authorized to sign the document in the absence of the LCR
must always be indicated. Hence, signature with “For” or “By” is not allowed.
- With date received by PSA (formerly NSO) or LCR
- Without erasures, alterations, insertions or superimpositions whatsoever. Any
amendment or correction in the document should bear marginal notation of PSA
(formerly NSO).
Late registered documents should further contain the following features:
- Duly authenticated by the PSA (formerly NSO)
- The words “Late Registration” stamped on the upper right-hand corner of the
- With accomplished affidavit at the back of the document explaining the reason for
the delay
Screenshot of latest requirements for SSS Funeral Benefit

How to Process Funeral Grant?

1. Go to the nearest SSS branch in your area.

2. Ask list of required documents and forms to accomplish from SSS personnel.

3. Make sure you have the Funeral Claim application form, Sinumpaang Salaysay, Affidavit of Funeral Expenses, and Certification Form.

4. Fill out all the needed forms and comply all the documentary requirements and submit it back to SSS.

5. When done, don't forget to ask from SSS of when you can claim the funeral grant.

PS : Don't loss your Funeral Claim Application Acknowledgement Stub.

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