One-Click Solution to Windows 7/8/10 Screen Flickering / Splashing

Screen flickering or splashing is known bug in Window 7, version 8 /8.1 and also on Windows 10.

This happens when your switching between windows or saving files. Before users really find it annoying and hard to fix manually. Windows support suggest PC restore option to fix the issue without losing files and personal settings but it disappoint users after finding it not working at all.

Screen flickering problem when saving files on Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro
One forum user provided guide to solve the error by disabling vital windows processes through Microsoft Service option. It was not explain why those processes became the culprit but the method partially solve the error. However, it doesn't work permanently. The bug comes back for sometime and it became worse even Windows shutting down application unexpectedly.

Fortunately, another generous geek named "Furulevi"have discovered a solution by registry hack and he posted a guide on Youtube.Watch this!

The method is very simple to do and its's 100% free.

All you have to is to download the file here and run it. Make sure you have an admin privilege.