Review: Asahi EK-181 Electric Cordless Water Kettle -1.8 Liter Capacity, 230V, 2000W

I had been using various water heaters since my college days but none of them really impress me.I specially mention those heaters with rounded metal body, although they're pretty cheaper but in most cases it won't last long and unsafe to use when unattended.

We are lucky nowadays to have what we called electric kettle, a much improved water heater that allows us to boil much faster and automatically cuts off electric circuit.

Presenting to you is the Asahi EK- 181.

The Asahi Ek-181 is sleek water kettle or heater capable of boiling water up to 1.8 liter. It has excellent removable water filters that you won't find in an ordinary Kyowa or MasterCraft kettle.

The EK-181 features stainless steel heater tube, cool touch grip- easy grip, On-Off switch with light indicator and water level indicator in the front of the device.

Armed with safety features, it has double insulated AC Cord with ground protection wire, overheat and boil dry thermal cut off protection, and the top cover has pop-up lock to ensuring the kettle water won't accidentally spills.

This electric kettle is available in white-blue, white-skyblue and white-red color. Also available in smaller sizes.

The EK-181 is price tag at P500 plus on most retailers nationwide.

- Easy to clean, beautiful-looking, big capacity, safe to use, and minimal boiling noise.

-Asahi Water Kettle is only covered by 1 week warranty (while fans are 5 years from d.o.p and 1 years for gas stoves)
-Won't work on non-230V rated power outlets

  • Cordless
  • 1.8 Liter Capacity
  • Removable filter
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Heater Tube
  • Overheat and Boil Dry Thermal Cut off Protection
  • Double Insulated AC Cord
  • Cool Touch Grip Easy Grip
  • Push button pop up cover
  • On-Off Switch with Light Indicator
  • Made in Japan assembled in PH by Asahi Awarded Superbrands
  • 1 week warranty

  • Model: Ek-181
  • Voltage: 230V 60Hz
  • Input Power: 2000 Watts
  • Volume: 1.8L max
  • Boil Time : 6mins and 20 sec based on our test.
  • Package: Main kettle, stand with wire, manual,and warranty card

Company Background

Several years ago, Asahi or Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation was just known for their affordable electric fans in the Philippines, due to their commitment to produce home appliance that meet established standards for quality and safety most of their product had bagged multiple Philippines choice awards as superbrands.

Today, Asahi manufactured wide range of home appliances from super kalan, gas stoves, fans, rice cooker, electric kettle, electric iron, oven, and a lot more.

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