List of TESDA National Certifications / Skills Assessment (2018)

Nowadays, speaking of Technical Vocational courses, TESDA is the number 1 government institution in the Philippines that offers free assessment and certifications programs nationwide together with various accredited Technical-Vocational Institutions (TVIs), TESDA Technical Institutions (TTIs), Local Government Units (LGUs) partners, and other government agencies providing TVET programs and DepEd trainings.
The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA since it was established through the enactment of Republic Act No. 7796 in 1994 boasted that it had produced thousands of skilled workers that our now working here and abroad particularly in USA, Middle East and Brunei.

Who are qualified to take TESDA? 

From barbers to hairstylist, construction workers, automotive experts, Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers, workers, industry practitioners, professional, career shifter, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Filipino expatriates with relevant experience, industry practitioners who are prospective competency assessors are qualified to apply for free assessment and certification.
TVI, TTIs, and other educational institutions who want to be a partner of TESDA are also welcome to undergo trainings and certification.

What is National Certificate (NC)?
An individual needs to undergo competency assessment for the identified qualification in any of the accredited assessment centers nationwide. Passers of the competency assessment shall be issued a NC or COC.

A National Certificate (NC) is issued when a candidate has demonstrated competence in all units of competency that comprised a Qualification. Certificate of Competency (COC) is issued to individuals who have satisfactorily demonstrated competence on a particular or cluster of units of competency
Below is the list of program TESDA currently offers with National Certification.

- Computer Hardware Servicing NC II
- Visual Graphics Design NC III
- 2D animation NC III
- 3D animation NC III
- Programming NC IV
- Game Programming NC III
- Finishing Course for Call Center Agents NC II
- Finishing Course for Medical Transcription NC II
- Career Entry Course for Software Developers NC IV – Using JAVA
- Career Entry Course for Software Developers NC IV – Using Microsoft.Net
- Career Entry Course for Software Developers NC IV – Using Oracle
- PC Operations NC II

Tourism / Food / Health:
- Food and Beverage Services NC II and III
-Commercial Cooking / Cookery NC II
- Bread and Pastry Making NC II
- Housekeeping NC II and III
- Household Services NC II
- Household Service Worker NC II
- Bartending NC II
- Tour Guiding NC II
- Travel Services NC II
- Events Management Services NC III
- Caregiving NC II
- Tourism Promotions Services NC II
- Bread and Pastry Production NC II
- Health Care Services NCII
- Food Processing NC II

- Agricultural Crops Production NC II and III
- Horticulture NC II
- Animal Production NC II

Metals / Engineering:
- Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II and III
- Machining NC II
- Heavy Equiptment Operator NC II
- Pipefitting NC II
- Transport RAC Servicing NC II
- Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Services NC II

- Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II and III
- CATV Operation and Maintenance NC II and III
- Mechatronics NC III
- Instrumentation NC III

- Masonry NC II and III
- Plumbing NC II and III
- Carpentry NC II and III
- Heavy Equipment Operators NC II
- Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II and III
- SMAW NC III, SMAW NC II and construction painting NC III
- Construction Painting NC III
- RAC Servicing (PACU/CRE) NC II
- Transport RAC Servicing NC II
- Air Duct Servicing NC II
- Ice Plant Ref Servicing NC III
- Technical Drafting NC II

Automotive / Land Transport:

- Automotive Servicing NC II
- Driving NC II/Driving (Passenger Bus Straight Truck) NC III
- Motorcycle Small Engine Servicing NC I
- Auto Engine Rebuilding NC II
- Auto Body Repairing NC II
- Auto Body Painting/Finishing NC I

- Deck Seafaring (Able-Bodied Seaman) NC II   
- Engine Seafaring (Oiler) NC II

Services / Crafts / Trade / Others:
- Tailoring NC II
- Massage Therapy NC II
- Beauty Care NC II
- Hairdressing NC II
- Dressmaking NC II
- Photography NC II Trade Certification
- Security Services NC II
- Bookkeeping NC III
- Front Office Services NC II

Upcoming Programs:
Jewelry Making, Land Surveying, Barbering Services and Electrical power Distribution Line Construction.
If you are planning to take TESDA assessment and certification programs, take note of the following:

Requirements for application:
·         Duly accomplished application form
·         Self-assessment guide
·         3 passport size pictures in white background with name written at the back
·         Certificate of employment.

Visit the nearest TESDA Regional Center and inquire what certification programs they offer.